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It started out as my mom's potato salad, but now it's so much more! Combining sweet and sour flavors in cooking is a phenomenon that oriental cultures have recognized and taken advantage of for centuries. Now, TaterSweetSweet & Sour Gourmet Dressing brings it home and marries it together with American home cooking. It's not only a sweet and tangy dressing that surpasses thousand island on Sandwiches, Salads, Hot Dogs and Burgers; it's also a delicious baking sauce for Chicken, Fish, Ham, Pork Chops and Casseroles. It even gives the Shrimp Cocktail you serve at your party an amazing new flavor
and an appealing new color for your buffet presentation!!

TaterSweetSweet & Sour Gourmet Dressing will take your taste buds on a journey to be remembered!
It starts out sweet, then finishes with a BIG TANG!

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TaterSweet™ Sweet & Sour Gourmet Dressing

TaterSweet™ Vegan (single)

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