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In the Beginning...

TaterSweet Potato Salad on a plate
Flo's Original Potato Salad

Every Summer, Mom would make 25 lbs of her delicious potato salad for me and my 3 brothers. It rarely lasted longer than 2 days! This vegan version retains all of the sweet & sour flavor from my childhood. It's based on Flo's original potato salad recipe. Enjoy!

My name is Rick Isbell, and along with my wife, Michele, we are Sand Dollar Dreams. It is our goal and purpose in life to bring a smile to everyone's face, through the products we sell. Our first product, TaterSweet™ Sweet & Sour Gourmet Dressing is a creamy dressing with a uniquely satisfying taste and a multitude of applications. Beautifully constructed, it's sweetness opens up your taste buds, so that the sour bite can move in for the kill, hooking you for life. It came straight from my mom's heart as her own original potato salad, and I've loved it for over fifty years, and counting! 

My mom, FloAnn, was born and raised in Kansas and her mid-west influences shone through in her cooking. Her recipes never involved a ton of different ingredients, she felt that too many competing flavors could quickly turn a beautifully crafted dish into a potpourri of mud. Instead of adding a multitude of herbs and spices, trying to get the flavor just right, she chose to work with just a few ingredients and fine-tune the ratios and the stages at which they should be added, creating mouth watering combinations sure to be remembered for a lifetime. I consider myself proof that she was right! Michele and I have finally heeded the advise of the hundreds of people who have urged us to put her potato salad on the market for all to enjoy. So here we are, shouting it from the rooftops...

TaterSweet™ is here!!

...and it's so much more than just potato salad!

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