TaterSweet Coleslaw in White Bowl on Blue Plate

TaterSweet™ Coleslaw

A fresh new take on coleslaw! Mouthwatering goodness! *420*

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2 cups Shredded Cabbage/Carrot Mix

4-6oz TaterSweet™ Sweet & Sour Dressing

2-3         Sweet Pickles (thinly diced)

Extras and/or  Substitutions

1 small Tomato (diced)

2 stalks Celery (thinly chopped)

1 medium Cucumber (thinly chopped)

2-3         Manderin Oranges (diced) (optional)


>  Put cabbage/carrot mix into a large mixing bowl

    *I like to chop the cabbage into smaller bits first

>  Chop sweet pickles into thin, medium size  pieces, add to mixing bowl

>  Add any Extras and/or Substitutions to mixing bowl

>  Add TaterSweet to desired consistency

>  Mix and refrigerate 2 hours


As a side dish or as a stand-alone snack

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