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Flo's Easy Pork Chops

Another one of my favorites from mom. The easier they are, the better they taste! *French's is the key.

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2-4 Pork Chops

French's Worcestershire Sauce (no subs here)

Salt (optional)



>  Place chops on broiler pan and pierce multiple times with a fork to tenderize

    *Cover bottom of broiler pan with water to help ease cleanup

>  Coat chops with worcestershire sauce

>  Salt (optional) and pepper

>  Broil first side*

    *see below for cooking times

>  Remove from oven and turn chops over

>  Splash chops again with worcestershire sauce

>  Salt (optional) and pepper

>  Broil second side*

*Cooking Times

Thin cut (1/4"): 2 to 3 minutes (each side)

Medium cut (1/2"): 3 to 5 minutes (each side)

Thick cut (1"): 5 to 7 minutes (each side)

*cook for shortest time then cut near bone, if meat is pink, continue cooking in one-minute increments until pink is gone and juices run clear

Flo's suggested dinner menu:

Pork chops

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (Delux Family Pkg. with cheese pouch, not powdered cheese)

Your favorite vegetables, drizzled with TaterSweet™ Sweet & Sour Dressing

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