TaterSweet Original Potato Salad on plate

Flo's Original Potato Salad, only Vegan

Mom's potato salad is so good, we eat it like ice cream! Try to have just one bite...I'll bet you can't! *420*

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Potatoes          2 1/2 - 3 lbs

Onion  3/4 cup (1 med)

Eggs  3/4 cup (3 - 4)

Sweet Pickles 1/2 jar (10 - 12)

TaterSweet™ 1 jar


>  Steam Eggs 18-20 minutes in a steamer basket, transfer directly to a cold water bath

>  Wash and peel Potatoes, then dice into 1/2in and 3/4in pieces

>  Place Potatoes in stockpot and cover with cold water

    -Bring water and Potatoes to a boil, stirring every 4-5 minutes (set timer)

    -Once boiling, stir every 2-3 minutes (reset timer) bringing bottom pieces to the top

   - Cook until fork penetrates larger pieces with some resistance

While the potatoes are cooking

>  Chop Onion into small and medium size pieces, set aside

    *check/stir potatoes (they'll go from almost done to overcooked quickly)

>  Dice Sweet Pickles into small and medium size pieces, set aside

    *check/stir potatoes

>  Dice Eggs into medium size pieces

    *check/stir potatoes

When the potatoes are done

>  Drain Potatoes in a colander, allow to cool

    *Potatoes will continue to cook while hot, so if they're still too firm, cover colander and recheck every

    few minutes until desired firmness. 

>  When Potatoes are cooled or slightly warm, place all ingredients and TaterSweet™ in a large mixing

    bowl and gently fold together (don't mash potatoes)

>  Place Flo's Original Potato Salad in refrigerator for min. 2 hours


As a side dish or as a stand-alone snack

*My family eats it by the bowl, like ice cream (yum!)

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