A glass jar of TaterSweet

TaterSweet™ Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

This is the sandwich that only my grandma knew how to make. pssst!...now we can all make it!

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2oz        TaterSweet™ Sweet & Sour Dressing

2 slices Bread

2 slices Swiss and/or American Cheese

4oz          Ham

1 slice Tomato (optional)

3-4          Avocado Slices (optional)


>  Preheat frying pan over medium heat

>  Spread TaterSweet™ on one side of each bread slice and place in heated pan, spread side down

>  Immediately add one slice of cheese, then ham, then tomato and avocado (if desired),

    then the other slice of cheese, then bread (spread side up)

>  Grill about 3min total until bread is golden brown, then carefully flip and grill second side 

*Serving suggestion: Prepare TaterSweet™ Dip with Heat for sandwich dipping

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